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Hey first post here,

I am working on a project now, I'm 20 years old and I cut a lot of firewood, but also dabble in woodworking. I have made a couple cutting boards and now I'm making something a little different. It's going to be a coat rack out of a tree. I cut a 4-5" DBH what I think is a pear tree. I am getting that confirmed but I'm pretty sure. Let's just assume it is a variety of pear. I couldn't find much at all on the net about finishes for pear. What am I looking at here? It is very light when dried and sanded (small branch). At first wanted a dark colored wood, but I just cut this pear down because it was leaning and dead in the center a little. I googled pear woodworking and I see some dark pieces and some light pieces. I like the light look with a shining finish, but I like almost all darker finishes.

Where am I looking with this? I know literally nothing when it comes to finishes. I saw somewhere tung oil, but I wasn't sure if there were some do's or don'ts with this. What will produce a lighter color and what will produce a darker one? I can set up a piece to test too, I just don't want to buy many different finishes to find the right one.

Thank you in advance.
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