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I used mine to make a giant 8' x 6' cubby system for lamp working glass rod organization and storage.

The whole system was assembled without glue or fasteners. The corners of the frame are through dovetails. The horizontal shelves are sliding dovetails, and the dividers are regular non dovetail sliding joints (can't remember the name for these at the moment).

I cut all of these joints using the pc dovetail jig and a Bosch router. I noticed a few problems while doing this work:

1.) If you don't use dust collection, it's like a bomb went off in the shop. My Bosch doesn't have a dc hood, unless you use the edge guide jig, so you're on your own here. I really wish there was a better dc solution.

2.) It's best to have two routers and maybe two jigs if you're making a lot of through dovetails. I had one router and one jig, so I wasted a lot of time swapping bits and templates.

3.) My Bosch router requires an adapter in order to use this jig. It's a special order item. If you use a Bosch router, be aware of this. I've included a photo of the pc jig template guide, mounted in the Bosch template guide adapter:

4.) I think I mounted the jig vertically for longer boards, so the boards would be horizontal over my workbench. I had an uber crappy workbench at the time, and I bolted the jig directly to the bench. I highly recommend a clamping system.

5.) I didn't have a dust collection system at the time, so I used a good quality charcoal half face filter combined with goggles. A friend of mine recently told me they make charcoal filter full face masks. I highly recommend this instead, as I remember the half face setup being awkward, uncomfortable, and generally no fun.

UPDATE: apparently there is a dc hood to fit my Bosch router: Bosch RA1172AT Router Dust Extraction Hood Kit - Amazon.com

I'll be buying that ASAP.
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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