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Picked up this pallet rack on craigslist a last year with the intention of making a coffee table with it and finally had time to get to it.

The guy I got it from had wire brushed it and put a coat of poly over the rust patina so I didn't do anything with the frame.

Locally the boxcar floor table tops are still popular, but the cost of boxcar flooring has skyrocketed. So for the table top, I used some 2x6's that were joists that had been salvaged from a carriage house remodel in one of the old homes downtown and simulated the reclaimed boxcar floor look.

I cut the 2x6s down into 2 inch strips and did a panel glued up for the table top and lower shelf. The purpose of the lower shelf is to raise the table height. The rack by itself is only about 12 inches high and feels too low for a table. With the lower shelf and wheels it come to 18 inches.

After the glue up, I used a vinegar and steel wool solution to darken the wood then applied a combination of stain and 3 different colors of spray paint to give the color variances and aged look. Also used some various tools and stuff around the shop the add some dents and dings.

Finish is 4 coats of water based poly and then applied some paste wax.

There were a couple of challenges in the build, I wanted all the metal to be flush with the wood so I had to route rabbits in the table top for the rack components to be recessed. And the rack was not intended for such a thick top. The original bolts were plow bolts with a flat top and they had the same patina as the rest of the table, but they were too short. I picked up some carriage bolts and ground the finish off and tried to force them to rust with a vinegar solution with limited success. I have used Rustoleum's hammered finish spray paint in similar situations before but none of the colors were a good match out of the can. In the end the carriage bolts have 5 different colors of spray paint to get a look and texture that is a close match.

In retrospect, I wish I had added some kind of metal to the lower shelf to pull it together better.

I had originally intended to build it to sell but my closest friend recently bought a new house and his wife loved the warehouse cart coffee table I made but I sold it before she could claim it. We agreed that he could reimburse me for the cost of the materials and I would let them have it as a house warming gift.

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