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How does this schedule sound:
I'm not a pro painter but have and can do a decent job. Just never did an entire house. And only may take job because the customer is a good one and have done 70k already for them in cabinetry and furniture.

Poplar trim /raised panel wainscot that has been profile sanded.
Spray 1 coat of latex primer.
Spray 2 coats acrylic latex color coat
Caulk mitres and along walls.
Fill nail holes with tinted glazing compound.

Touch up nails/caulk with 1-2 thinned color coat brushed.

Primer and only because I've had decent luck- valspar 2000.

Topcoat will be a SW product in satin off white- biscut.Open to thoughts on which one.
Schedule looks good to me. I take it you dismantled the wainscoting for refinishing? I've never dismantled to refinish but that I finish first when installing new.

I've had good luck with S-W Emerald. ProCoat is also a good trim paint but has a tough learning curve. ProCoat is very easy to overwork and it hates it. If you do try ProCoat, I recommend planning on a lot of extender. :yes:
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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