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I’ve had all of my sanding supplies just stuffed in a box – actually three boxes and I’ve long wanted a place for everything so I can find it, get it, and store it. Because of my situation I need a couple of features 1) it had to be mobile. 2) it has two slip under my Table Saw wing and 3) it needed some kind of easily adjustable outfeed support.

I’ve made a lot of general casework so I didn’t really bother with a drawing. I started the stack with the 3” double locking casters and knew I wanted a 2×4 top the basically filled in the gap to make the end result 31”. Then for it to fit where I needed it to I made it 22” and 24” deep.

Four Drawers with full extension slides and the drawer fronts are some Costa Rican plywood that’s been laying around forever. No idea what it is but it look pretty!!

The supports are based on a Woodsmith Magazine design with several mods. The “Rollers” aren’t. They are fixed Sched40 pipe which is plenty slick for the wood to slide.

Overall it turned out pretty well.

Oh – here’s a link to the Woodsmith Plans. Not really the cart I built but I took the outfeed supports from it. https://www.woodsmithplans.com/plan/roll-around-shop-cart/
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