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Great site I found here! Looking for some advice from people with more experience than I, being that I am new to woodworking.

I ordered some Ipe (brazilian walnut) online and have already planed it up so it is ready to go. The wood table will be 36"x90"x28" (with a concrete top which is 2 inch thick and overhangs 0.5" all the way around). I have 4x4 posts for the legs (planed to 3.375" square and 2x4s for the apron (planed to 1.25x3.5"). The idea is to have a real clean look with no trestle/stretcher across the bottom (plus this is a skinny table so there would be no room for your feet in such a scenario).

So my question is:
1. I have heard from some people not to rely on glue alone for joinery (use mechanical bond, screws, etc) with ipe given it has lots of natural oils which can interfere with a solid glue up. Others have said to use acetone to wipe the glue surfaces just prior to glue up (use titebond III) and your golden. So, what type of joinery would you recommend given the design of the table, the wood species, outdoor application and the ~500 lb concrete top. My top concern is to prevent racking with such a heavy top. Keep in mind the wood base will weigh probably 275 lb so its no slouch either :).

Tools available: 12 inch compound, sliding miter saw; small drill press I can borrow from friend, cheap Ryobi non-plunge router and cheap ryobi router table (sorry not much to work with but I could possible buy additional tools if necessary).

Thanks for letting me borrow your expertise!
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