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I'm curious what people's thoughts are on organization systems they've used for their shop.

Some general questions I have:

Do you have a successful organization system/what makes it good? Do you lose things often? Do multiple people use your space? Do you have general or specific thoughts on organization?

I'm trying to build an organization for a shop space, and am interested in what y'all think, and if there are certain technologies you use to make this easier.


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Not to oversimplify but ......

Keep similar things together in one area, like fasteners, nuts and bolts and screws for instance. I keep them within that area and divide it up by wood, heavy plate metal, sheet metal, brass, and then USA and Metric.

Same for electrical, outlets, plugs, wire connectors, automotive VS household. Electrical boxes for surface mount for drywall mounting, breakers etc. A tall library card file cabinet works for this stuff.

Wood scraps go into various height cardboard boxes by species, White Oak, Red Oak quartersawn, Maple, Walnut, and Cherry. Longer pieces are stacked along the wall at a slight angle also by species.

Plywood and sheet goods are stacked by height, shortest in front, tallest in the back.

Woodworking tools are separate from mechanics tools. All 10" saw blades are in one file drawer, all 7 1/4" circ saw blades are in a different cabinet, different drawer.

All 1/4" router bits are in one file cabinet drawer, 1/2" bits in the other of a 2 drawer file cabinet.

Sanding paper, discs, and drums are kept together. Rolls of sandpaper for wrapping on drums in one file drawer. Mini routers are in one file drawer, larger routers take up two or three more file drawers.

Drill bits take up one file drawer for wood, another for metal. Forstners, brad points and augers for wood. Twist drills for metal.

Handsaws fill up one file drawer, jigs for box joints and dado sets are in another.

Hammers line the sides of a 5 gal bucket. Mallets are in a drawer.

Wood stain samples are hung on the wall. All the stain cans are in cardboard boxes, by type, water VS oil based. Clear spray finishes are separated by type, fast dry lacquer VS poly and slower drying.

All the battery powered tools are on the bench along with their chargers. Milwaukee and Rigid are in the woodshop, the Dewalts are in a different area.

All push sticks and push blocks are in a 5 gal pail under the table saw, and those used most often are kept on the fence above.
All measuring and digital devices, trammels, compasses, fine line pencils and drafting instruments are kept together. All construction levels of different lengths are hung on hooks. It's my system and it works for me...... :vs_cool:

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I do not know what you mean by "organization system." Is this a program you are trying to write for other people to use? Is this a commercial shop or home shop or just your garage you are trying to organize? Are you trying to organize space, people, products, a combination or what? What is the scale of your ____________?

Just too many variables just to try answering your question with more specifics.

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