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You could just remove the turtle and refill the hole with epoxy.

If you get a source of really hot air, like 350 degrees (I use the hot air gun on my soldering station) you can heat up cured epoxy and it will crumble out by prying with a pick or a small screwdriver.

I repair electronics and we have circuit boards embedded in epoxy and we do this all the time, heat the epoxy and it will get soft and you can pick/pry/remove it in small chunks. As soon as it cools off it turns back into rock hard cured epoxy again so you have to alternate between heating it up and prying some of it out then repeat.

Once we have enough cleared we replace the part on the circuit board and then we clean up the hole a little and pour fresh epoxy into it back up to the previous level. I don't look that cloesely but I've always thought you couldn't tell that we had been in there. Maybe try it on a piece of scrap first to be sure you can't tell.
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