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Thank you for your kind words

Dewalt gay
"if you added up the time and material you could have bought it at sears or home depot"
The only problem is that the BORG's are 10,000 Miles away...:smile:
For me, it's a hobby and "time is not money", making those things (and many other jigs and fixers) is part of the hobby.

Poland is still too "young" country (after the communism) and the WW hobby is still not as in the "west".
Everybody that buys some Bench saw, it's for work. Actually, when I bought my table saw (Elektra Beckum PK 255...now Metabo), the guy told me that I'm the first to buy this saw in Poland (37 million people)...
We still don't have outlets like HD, Sears or Screwfix and alike...
But we have many "pluses" that you don't have, like, I can order the plywood or Melamine already cut to my dimensions so I don't have to deal with 8' x 4' plates (nor need the Festool)...I buy the Oak from the villagers and they plane it for me (with pre-war German 24" planer) so, I don't need planer (nor the dust) and more...

Thanks again
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