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Old European Stains

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When I look at old European stains (approximately 1800's to 1950) I often notice a distinct difference. They often have a very dark and less translucent pigment. I attached a photo to demonstrate an example of what I generally mean. I want to replicate this on a piece of furniture I'm building but I really don't know what they were using. Does anyone have any information on what was used for this type of stain, or if nothing else, a modern product that comes close?

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You might want to pick up a copy of F.N. Vanderwalker’s “Wood Finishing, Plain & Decorative”. It contains dozens of traditional stain recipes used by furniture makers & manufacturers from that period, many of which are however toxic.

F.N. Vanderwalker Books | List of books by author F.N. Vanderwalker
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