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Friend gave me an old barn door over the weekend. I had a little bit of time and wanted to throw around some sawdust so i put my vee bit to good use (finally) and grooved it out a bit then hit some of it with a quick sand....

not sure what i should do with it at this point. Could use a table in my kitchen but not sure about legs on it... Anyone have any good ideas?! i know they are out there!


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I had the very same thought

I would put turned legs under it attached with an apron and make it into a table. I would also put a 1/4" glass top over the door to make the surface usable.
Glass would make it user friendly and still retain the visual character and interest.
An epoxy bartop finish, floated on would be another choice.
If you had a warehouse or loft apartment it would make a great door on sliding tracks.
It might sell for that use on Craig's List if you don't want to keep it.
You could cut the larger part off at the cross piece, and make a square table. The other piece could make a smaller table also if you could add on a board of the correct width and distressed finish...probably what I would do personally. JMO.

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Love the sliding door idea because I've had that project on my own to-do list for a long time. Depending on what else you need, you could just hang it horizontally on a big wall and mount pictures or plants to it..a kind of feature wall. Or split it long ways and make it the seat and back of a bench for the kitchen table.
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