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>> The only issue I see is I have no set screw adjuster. <<

Not a problem.. Jack screws are nice but not a deal buster.. I have 3 jointers, none have jack screws, springs or anything else to aid in setting the height and they can all be set dead on if done properly.

You should have a knife wedge that secures the blade by tightening up the set screws in it.. put the knife in and snug the set screws, just enough so you can move the knife slightly when tapped on with a wood block or similar. Get one end level with the outfeed table, then do the opposite end. Keep in mind that raising one end usually lowers the other slightly, so just keep going back and forth until both are level and then check the middle at a couple of places. Once you have it at the correct height across the entire knife, tighten the set screws and re-check. Some machines will raise the knife slightly when you tighten down on the set screws, and usually by the same amount each time; so if yours does that, keep it in mind when initially setting the height and set them just slightly lower by the same amount before the final tightening.

A lot of people are intimidated by setting knifes.. it's really not that difficult, and with a dial indicator you can get spectacular results. Just go slow and take your time.. you will prevail in the end :thumbsup:

Did you even look at the pictures? He has a machine with slotted knives that are held on with cap bolts. There are no gibs or gib bolts.


please take care with those knives and head. Your best bet with those knives and head is to reference the projection past the head and match one to the other.

Then you can set the out feed to the knives.

Who made that pretty old machine? Got any more pictures?

Make sure the knives and head are clean, dry and free from oil before installing the knives
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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