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It's not completely finished yet, but since it's in use for the next couple weeks, I'll claim bragging rights anyway on our new oak TV stand. Finally, we have storage for all our DVDs, CDs, Wii game and the like.

The design is based on one from The Family Handyman, but I did my own SketchUp model and made a few changes, adding a couple of dividers and skipping the drawers for now. I've attached the .skp for anybody who wants it. It includes the drawers and doors for the upper side compartments.

After our company leaves, I'll be adding an equipment shelf above the tuner to get the sound system off the floor, and completing the oak face frame to hide the edges of the shelves and dividers, as well as edging for the top. There will be drawers or doors on the side compartments and a grill over the section below the tuner where the sound system subwoofer lives.

It's probably going to be finished in Kona stain with a gloss poly finish, which should result in a deep, shiny, very dark finish with the grain still visible.



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I saw that issue of HM magazine. I thought of making one, but I really need to make a corner cabinet at about a 30-60-90 that will hold a 55" flat screen.

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