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I am new here and I am not a pro :)
I have been doing some DIY furniture refinishing etc.

My next project is kitchen cabinets :)
So - red oak finished in "honey" or "gold"

Not in my taste.

I stripped all lower cabinets - they look awesome! (First - I had idea to pain it /stain it, but when I started stripping and raw wood came out - I just loved it! )
Now I want to do the same with upper, but I want them to be lighter then lower, so I want to bleach the whole upper thing.

Ok - getting to the point:
I have read that to remove color from wood the best is to use 2 Part bleach. Maybe, but it is very difficult to find! I found some on amazon but they sell it only in gallons - I don't want that much.

SO I have a question here. Would it be ok to use lower concentration of Hydrogen Peroxide? Not 35% but 12%? And do you think I could use product that is sold in hair supply stores instead of pure Hydroxide? It is 40 developer (12% Hydrogen Peroxide)
Here is an example:


What about using just regular household bleach? I know it works because I already tried it on a little piece but I just wonder how that would on the whole door? Anyone tried? Would the bleaching be even? And how the regular bleach is different from 2 part bleach in term of results?

Any suggestion appreciated :)

Thank you

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Household bleach isn't as strong as the two part wood bleach however it does a pretty good job. I've used much more household bleach on furniture refinishing than two part bleach. If you aren't trying to make a huge difference in color it should work for you. Anyway you could try it and if it wasn't good enough you could always do it again with the two part bleach. Stripping cabinets installed in a kitchen is difficult. I'm sure if there is any problem it will be spots you didn't get the finish completely off the cabinets. You may have to re-strip some spots before any bleach will work.
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