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Until now I have just been using my work bench as my router table, but the lack of clearance is quickly getting old. I don't quite see the point in buying a router table when I have all this stuff to build furniture anyway so I have been looking into router table tops and just building the table out of regular old pine 2x4s. I am fully aware of "you get what you pay for" which is why Im cautious about a 27 x 36 Phenolic router table top for $50 after shipping. In the description it says:

“These are not perfectly flat. You should be able to draw them flat with attach screws and a straight edge.”

I have seen some interesting tricks for making a surface flat but haven't tried them yet. Also I'm not sure what "attach screws" are. In addition to that it seems easy to make a flat base for this to go on but I also see that being deceptively difficult.

So is this a "you get what you pay for" situation I should avoid and just take another rout, or could this be made to work with not too much throwing wrenches and cursing in frustration?

also... anyone else annoyed as hell with the pop down ads?

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Yes, lots of folks, including myself hate the expanding ads. A recent thread. You may need to install an ad-blocker to prevent the ads from displaying.


I purchased a router table top and made my own table. As you said, it is fairly easy.

Workbench Tool Furniture Table Machine

I purchased my top from Woodpeckers. Not sure which site you are looking at. Woodpeckers was claiming flatness at the time I purchased my top.

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