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My last thread I was showing off my dust collection for my RAS. Had a bit of a setback with it. In order to move the beast I basically had to pull it apart as 14 friends and the keg of beer seemed to have vanished. Anyway I noticed as I was setting it back up that I had a crack in the Stop ring. :censored: I couldn't get an accurate cut to save my life. That piece was only $180 which I almost paid but first tried a local welder. Anybody ever need any welding done in Lincoln I highly recommend Havelock Welding. Great people. Anyway they were able to fix it for $30.:thumbsup:

With it back it shape I was looking at how tired it was and that it deserved a face lift. So once again I tore it down but this time completely. As you will see in one of the pictures the wiring looked pretty tired too. I went through top to bottom, rewired, oiled, greased and repainted and now it better than some of the new stuff I have. The first two pictures are the before and the rest are the after


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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