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Dear Wood and Electrical Masters:

I have also posted this under wood finishing and electrical forum to reach everybody I can!

I have moved into a new apartment in which my bedroom walls are all particle board
. Now I think I have figured out how to cover them with a cute fabric because he wont let me paint or wallpaper it. However, I'm worried about the electrical outlets and switches. I haven't gotten a close look at the outlets and have no idea what I'm doing, if there okay, if it will cause a fire because I have a lot of electronics etc...What should I do? What is my next step? How do I know that they are safe and secure? And is no secure how to I get them so? Is there anything else I should know or worry about with having particle board as walls? Unfortunately I have to live there, I don't have any other options so I have to make it work and there land lord isn't wavering. I don't know if the particle board is covering a regular Sheetrock (kinda covering something up) wall or if its just the particle board. I will have more info in a day or two. But if ANYBODY knowledgeable in this topic please contact me...the easiest way would be [email protected] and sooner the better. I wonder how much it would cost a electrician to come out and check the situation? I wouldn't be able to check this forum often. Any info will help and be MUCH appreciated! I know there is a lot of questions and concerns in this post, but if anybody reads this and can help please read carefully and try to answer everything you can...


Nikki Gagnon
Saco, Maine
[email protected]
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