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Well was talking to an old friend from the Chief's Association and he was telling me the guy that was making their shadowbox's passed away not long ago and their supply of shadowbox was getting low. I told he I can probably make a few of these, of course I didn't let him know I have never done one of these in my life...so, I think I can pretty much handle the wood working part of this, just copy the one I have, but the Plexiglas part I am not sure of, I know this a woodworking forum, but I am sure someone here has made one of these. What I need to know, what thickness of plexi to use and how do you cut this stuff.

I plan on making a few standard boxes just to get him something quick. Standard meaning normal 24"x16" with a divider for the flag 3 inch deep. But I also have in mind making a few tricked out boxes like a wheel house box (saw one on ebay that was interesting) which will require cutting a 16" or 18" diameter circle out of plexiglas. Any input will be appreciated.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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