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Newest guy to the forum

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Hi, I just joined about 2 hours ago and I hope to learn alot from you wood turners.
I hope you are a friendly bunch (and have alot of patience)....I feel that I'm going to have many (MANY) questions.

I have never even turned on a wood lathe....I say this because I want you to know what and who you are going to be dealing with.

I have decided to purchase Jet 1642 (the 1 1/2 hp).
I would like to purchase a Nova G3 chuck but don't know how to get a 1 1/4 X 8 chuck.
Can anybody help me with my "first" question.

Thank you
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Welcome to the forum :smile:
you will learn lots here and there is great advice:yes::yes:
the jet lathe is awesome and i would love to own one myself :yes:
Are talking about the spindle?
PSI has conversions for just about any size.
Dave H
Thank you for welcoming me.

Looks like I'm going to have to learn what different terms and abbreviations mean also. What is PSI???
Also, are there different Nova G3 chucks....which one would you suggest I get for the Jet 1642, and how do I get it with the 1 1/4 by 8 spindle?
Again, I have to tell you that I am very new at "all" this wood turning stuff, so please be as clear and simple as you can. I will catch on, but right now everything is all very new.
Thank you very much for your help.

I have decided to purchase Jet 1642 (the 1 1/2 hp).
I would like to purchase a Nova G3 chuck but don't know how to get a 1 1/4 X 8 chuck.
Can anybody help me with my "first" question.
Perhaps you needed some more research.

Most scroll chucks are designed to use an adapter so the manufacturer can make one chuck and the retailer only needs to inventory the adapters, vs a different chuck for each lathe.

This has been covered in a number of threads.

The store or internet retailer who sells you the chuck will have the relevant adapter for your lathe headstock specification, which sounds the same as my lathe, 1 1/4in dia and 8 tpi for the threads.
What is PSI???
Not what, but whom. I think you need some more research.

PSI is "Penn State Industries".

If you are looking at a Nova G3 then make sure you get a Nova adapter. If you go through a wood crafty store they may sell their own knock-off version. If you go through the bay or Amazon ($127 total for shipping, adapter, and chuck) you will get a real Nova adapter. Most of the better woodworking stores sell Nova OEM adapters with the Nova chucks. The only other G3 that I know about is the G3-D which is direct threaded for 1X8 and will not fit your lathe.
Most chucks (of any brand) use and adapter. Nova makes about 20 adapters for their chucks; if not stores would have to stock 20 different chucks to fit every lathe.
Jmho but with a 16” throw I would go with the supernova2, and I do have four G3’s which are fine.
The SN2 allows you to use the powergrip jaws and is overall stronger than the G3; just in case you want to do hollow forms later on. My first chuck was a SN2 but the next was a G3, you just don’t need the larger chuck for small items. Of course you can go with the G3 and make the next an SN2 it you want to go larger. The G3 will do most of what the SN2 will do.
A popular place for the SN2 is the service center (when they have them). About $145 for chuck, adapter, and shipping. Most say the reconditioned looked like new, I have only heard one negative over many forum posts.
I think the bay or Amazon is better for the G3.
Oh, Welcome.
I know it can be difficult searching forums when you are not sure of the terms used.
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Welcome to the best woodworking forum on the web. A very patient, knowledgeable, and generous group frequents these pages.

Asking questions on this forum is some of the best research!

Hi Dick. There will be lots of learning through error working with wood in such a manor, I think it may never end for myself. If you know anyone with a lathe it may be helpful to see how they use their tools. Face shield will serve you well, and a broom and a big dust pan
Welcome to the forum.
At your leisure, go through some of the woodturning threads and you'll find some very fun reading. I always recommend to new turners to see if there are any local woodturning clubs in your area, say within an 1 1/2 hour drive. It's worth it to join a club. Always a nice bunch of guys and your learning curve will be shortened tremendously. It's a lot easier to learn it right the first time, then to unlearn bad or unsafe habits. Just for instance, at our club, we had Jimmy Clewes do an all day demo last saturday, then a small group class on sunday. Great demo, very informative, wonderful turner.
I also have a jet 1642, but have a Vicmark chuck on it. You may want to check it out, one of the easiest chucks to use and very well made. I believe the model number is a VM120.
Mike Hawkins;)
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