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Hi all,

Background: I'm a bit of a newbie to woodworking. So far the only thing of note I have built has been a small bench/shoe rack, which turned out functional, but fairly ugly. I want my next project to look good. I found plans for a table similar to this one online, but I foolishly forgot to save the link, and can no longer find the plans. So I'm on my own now. I don't have many tools of my own, but I work at an Air Force base, which has an awesome woodshop, so I have access to every tool I could need.

Project: A low table with a shelf for my printer. Using pine, because I want something inexpensive, so the stakes are low if I mess up. The legs are two pieces each, joined together. You can see in the pictures that the faces of all the joints are cut at 45 degrees.

Questions: How do I join 1) the leg pieces together, 2) the perimeter pieces together, and 3) the table to the perimeter? I know glue will be involved, but I would prefer to not use ONLY glue.

Hope that's enough info. Thanks for the help!


1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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