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Hi folks,

I just built a flip-top tool cart to save space in my small garage shop. I want to install my planer on one side and will eventually install a sander on the other. However, I can't find information anywhere as to what I want to use to attach the tools securely to the flip-top. I have looked through my planer's manual, but it doesn't mention, and neither do the plans I used for the flip-top itself. I've looked through about 15 different threads all over various forums where people talk about their flip top builds and I've never seen it mentioned there, either.

Can anyone educate me, please?

Hi - I used cap screws with t-nuts on the bottom. I used the t-nuts because they sit pretty flush and wouldn't interfere with the tool placement on the other side. If you haven't got head space for a standard cap screw, look into the socket head cap screws which tighten/loosen with an allen wrench. I have an oscillating spindle sander on one side and a bench grinder and worksharp on the other on mine. Haven't had and loose screw/vibration issues in 3 years yet. :smile:


1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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