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Newbie from Japan

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Hello there,
My name is Dong Ju from South Korea
I am a carpenter working in Japan.
I have no idea how all this works but I will be posting traditional Japanese carpentry and tools.

Hope you guys have enjoy my upcoming posts in woodworkingtalk.com

If you wanna check some stuff now it's on instagram : ov_djkang


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What an unusual hand plane shown above ....

How is it made and how does it work?
welcome to the forum, Dong Ju
please complete your profile so the location appears under your name.
then in the future, everyone will know where you are in the world.
it is always nice to have members from other countries. especially those
that bring Old World Craftsmanship skills to the table.
a lot of us here do not use Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc.
if you post a video, please provide some still photos with the post
to make it more informative as some of us don't open YouTube videos.


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Welcome to the forum. Where in S. Korea are you from? I have spent some time at Kunson. This is co-located at Gunsan Airport.

This was many years ago. In the early 1960's.

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