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Today another big step forward, my workbench is taking shape. The design is a copy of the one I had at Forge du Gravier and which worked really well for me. It consists of a simple but very solid base made in basic construction timber, then painstakingly leveled by hand planing to take a pair of torsion box work areas. These are in 19mm mdf top and bottom with 55mm spacers glued and screwed, so very rigid. These are then bolted to the base and a final layer of mdf glued on top to cover all the fixings. This is the stage you see in the picture below.

The next step is to fit a 20mm oak lipping all round the two boxes to protect the edges of the mdf and to make it look nice too.
After that I will make three lift out trays that fit between the two torsion boxes either open side up for tool storage or closed side up for a complete worksurface. The photos below show the one at the previous workshop.

Another big advantage of the design is that you can clamp in the middle of the benchtop...

That is pretty cool. My only concern is the MDF getting damaged. I know you protected the edge but wouldn't the top still be a week spot for damage?


Again I like that design for clamping in the middle. :thumbsup:
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