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Good Mornin everyone. I've been teaching a finishing class this week and haven't had much time to get on and chat but this ends classes for 2007 and look forward to spending more time on the forums. I learn a lot from you guys.

While I've been busy teaching, Sherri has been working with our videos and getting them where they can be viewed on our site with a little better quality than you get on youtube.com. She has only just begun getting the older ones up but feed back would be appreciated. We just thought a bit better quality and being able to list them by category would be good. Also, there is no time restrictions so we don't have to split a longer technique video into many parts.

You can view the new page at:


This also allows an RSS feed if you click on the menu. I'm not sure what that is or does but a lot of emails ask us about it.

Charles Neil
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