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I'm just starting to get into woodworking and am mostly going to be working on smaller artistic pieces. I've made some simple things with the help of my dad/grandfather over the years and am looking to get some equipment to do it on my own. I'm renting a house with no garage or shed so everything I'm looking for needs to be able to be set up on a table (that can also be broken down and put away) on my backyard porch. I know that no setup under these conditions is ideal, and that the tools within my budget are going to be pretty crappy. I'm hoping that the old adage that a good craftsman never blames his tools will serve me here.

Hopefully, I can make some things that people would want to buy and would help me upgrade equipment as I go. That being said, I have listed what I think I need and how much I have to spend. Please let me know if anyone has any tips on the below. Thank you!!!

Total Budget: $600

Circular Saw: Corded Vs Cordless? Brands?

Jigsaw: Corded Vs Cordless? Brands?

Belt Sander: Handheld or Table? Should I get a table one with a disc sander attached? Brands?

Drill: I have a Dewalt 20v XR cordless drill. Should I get a drill press or can I make a handheld work?

Router of some sort: My dad has a really small corded router that looks like it would work for my small purposes. Any other suggestions on this?

Thanks to anyone that can help me out here!!!
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