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I'm new too! At least to this forum.

One of the great moments in my life was when I discovered 400 grit sandpaper. I like to finish wood to the point that folks can't help but fondle it.

I'm heading into retirement, where I hope to have the time to do a lot of woodwork, and use fine woodworking to support my other passions. So I'm collecting tools and techniques to use

My #1 involvement is amateur rocketry, which got me started back into wordworking. Turning nose cones, making fins for rocket kits for my students. I've been making "Steam Punk" altimeter bays of oak, leather and brass and "Lawn dart" tent pegs that look like crashed rockets.

Current project is building cooling racks for cookies, bread, etc., and making use of your Tools topic to find better tools and techniques.

It is great to hear from others who share my passion for WOOD!

Jimmy Yawn
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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