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New to woodworking-First Bandsaw Box

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I just got my first bandsaw and decided to try something easy.... I have no idea what kind of wood it is but I thought it turned out OK. I posted my "log box" on Facebook and ended up selling 3 of them to my friends:eek: LOL I guess I'm in production now.:yes:

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Rock Tree Room Furniture Beige

Tree Wood Trunk Table Woody plant
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Well your on the right track.
That looks awesome!!!! You'll be hooked now.
That's amazing! The inclusion of the bark is really cool. Love those rings on your band saw box. No wonder they got sold. Great work!

Wow you've done a very good job of it. Nice finish.


Friends don't let friends use stamped metal tools sold at clothing stores.
Nice job!!!!! what type of band saw did you use?
Nice job!!!!! what type of band saw did you use?
I have a Grizzly 14", awesome saw!! The bark on the boxes is pretty hard on blades tho.
That is an amazing design and a gorgeous band saw box. Well done.
That is a cool design this weekend I made my first one too ...

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WOW! All those bandsaw boxes look good! No, they are not that EASY of a project!
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