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I'm new to this forum thing, I got into woodworking 14 years ago by accident making skateboard ramps, When I moved to my first apartment at 18, I realized I could make a coffee table and have more money leftover for uhhhh schoolbooks!!! That is when the bug bit me and I became hooked, I learned by helping my father out with small jobs and trial and error until by the grace of god, was given about 50 back issues of fine woodworking (right place, right time) The magazines opened up a whole new dimension to my woodworking. I kept the craft as a hobby even renting out a 25' by 40' room in a commercial building, Unfortunately the building that I was renting for practically nothing got condemned and now all my tools and equipment and soul for that matter is in storage. So now I am looking to get my passion up and running again, I am even reading business and marketing books (Martin Edic) to learn more about the business side of woodworking. I have always been hesitant about making my hobby a full time job though. Alright I bored you guys enough. Thanks for reading. I wish everybody a happy and healthy holiday season.
The Picture below is the last thing I built before I had to move my equipment into storage. Cherry Hutch, with hidden hand cut dovetail drawers, hand rubbed tung oil and shellac, Happy 50th Mom you deserve it. Tell me what you think!! Thanks CHEERS!!


1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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