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I recently took the plunge on my limited budget and purchased the Grizzly (Shop Fox) D3751 shoulder plane. I was a bit skeptical on it's quality but I had a hard time justifying spending the money on the top of the line. I had read all the terrible things about sharp unfinished edges and soles that could not be brought flat but in my case it all proved to be untrue. What you will find is a tool that will require some setup. It took me about two hours to bring to a level where I could judge the performance of the tool. I did find that the sole was fairly flat and taking it through several grits of sandpaper and polishing it on the stone I would put it up against any other shoulder plane. The blade also needed a lot of TLC but could be brought around. I did not find the blade to large for the mouth. I placed a sheet of paper on top of the sandpaper as a shim and took off the excess width in a couple of passes.

I tested the plane by first running it with the grain along the edge of a 1/4 inch of oak and was able to produce fine ribbons of wood. I next took some left over tenon stock I had from setting up the table saw. After playing with the blade adjustment a bit, I was able to clean both the cheeks and shoulders of the tenon with no tear out.

I have found the plane to be comfortable to use. It fits my hand well. The blade adjustment is excellent. All in all I am pleased with the purchase and would recommend it. It is not a Veritas or Lee Valley that require no set up but then it their cost either.

I know there will people that will disagree with me about this (That's what makes America great Right?:thumbsup:) but in my opinion if you are looking for a functional tool at a modest price this will do what you need it to do.

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