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new routerlifts or old shaper

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I am currently reveiwing my tools and i have an opertuinty to buy a old craftsman shaper i belive from early 60's or late 50's but it has no motor and the adjusting handle is broken off in the spindle. I can get this for 30 dollars. I am also looking at router lifts but they are much more pricey but probley save time. I am not shore which is better my own thoughs are the shaper would have more stablity and the router table that depends on what you are doing. I am also getting off this person a 6" walker tuner jointer from late 50's and from what i here and the picture i have seen it looks like a good solid machine. That is what i like a good solid machine that runs. The old stuff is much better that is way i am considering the shaper but i need to get a motor for it a 1 hores power 110/120 volt will do i am meeting this person on sunday afternoon to checkout these machines an see them in person an go from there.
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Hope you got the motor pulley along with the shaper. From what I've heard, that's a hard one to find and Sears doesn't sell it any more.

It's a good basic shaper, it will work well for most people

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