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I've just finished a new router table. I didnt want to give up floor space to one since I have a spindle moulder and tend to use the router table for small stuff - so I've built a stow-away version that clips on to the edge of a bench and can be removed and put in the cupboard below when not in use.

It sits partially in front of my chop saw, but doesnt prevent me using it at the same time. The router is Triton which has above table height adjustment and access to the collet for bit changes.

Dust is a bit of an obsession for me, so 100mm connection to the dust collection system is a must, there is also a 40mm tube coming up from the plastic dust collector kindly provided by Mr Triton to fit below the table. Seems to work really well - pretty much 100% collected.

The fence clamps to the edge of the table to allow coarse adjustment, and has a screw adjuster for fine tweaks. The 10mm thread has a 1mm pitch which translates to 0.5mm movement of the fence at the middle per turn - I used this on my old router table and it worked fine.

The two fence panels also slide from side to adjust the opening. They are secured by recessed bolts and wing nuts. It is also a few mm clear of the table surface to allow for dust and chips. They could also be swopped for a sacrificial fence when needed.

As you can see, it's all raw mdf at the moment (except the table itself which is a 10mm mdf surface on a piece of salvaged kitchen worktop) and I plan to give it all a coat or two of clear poly to reinforce the mdf. Is polyurethane varnish the thing to use ? Other suggestions welcome.
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