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Santa brought my son a R/C plane for Christmas so I figured I would build him some sort of field/tool box to use while out flying his plane. We made a successful maiden voyage last weekend but the wind has pretty much kept him grounded this week. I built the stand out of 1" PVC and misc. fittings. As for the box itself, I am building it out of 1/2" birch plywood. When finished, I will stain it and then add a coat of sealer. One end will house the fuel jug and the other will have a removable control box with electric starter. No plans involved here so I am pretty much winging it as I go. There were a few errors with the pocket holes and a few things I should have done differently but it will have to do for now. I am using glue and pocket holes for the joinery. The box is assembled and the drawer pieces are cut out. Thanks, Steven

PVC stand to hold his plane:

Gluing pieces on the bottom to hold it in place while on the stand:

Bottom view of pieces that hold the box on the stand:

Bottom setting in place on the stand:

Box with three cut-outs for drawers and also an open storage space on top:

Drawer sides and ends cut and ready to assemble:
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