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Hello all, new member and novice to woodworking. I'm a 29 year old salesmen that is an avid decliner of box store furniture purchases. I drive my wife nuts with the constant, you're not buying that shelf or table, I can make that. I hope to contribute info from all the projects I have going right now. I own a 100 year old house that I've been slowly working on for 3 years. Most time has been spent skim coating bad texture jobs, but lately I've been tackling projects beyond the aesthetics and more along making things "ours." I have 3 big projects going right now. A custom headboard project, a bathroom reno where I'm replacing all old 6" trim, and an upstairs bathroom remodel that I'm building in-wall cubby holes for holding toiletries next to our clawfoot tub.

I hope to gain a lot of information and insight and to share some of my experiences as I start on this hobby I've been eager to delve deeper in to.

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1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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