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Hi all, seeing as I only joined this forum yesterday I thought I should introduce myself. My name is steve but everybody calls me stevie. I started out as a joiner some 25 years ago, took up woodturning about 18 months ago. And yes it's definitely addictive! I am being tutored by a chap called Ray Jones, you may of seen him demonstrate if you live on this side of the Duck pond. I am a forum newbie so please bare with me if this isn't forum ettiqutte.
I've had a few turning successes and quite a few cockup's,
but the more i practice the better I become(thats what I
tell my partner anyway).I would like to post some of my projects in the forum but i am not sure how to go about it.
Could someone help? Please be aware I am also a computer beginner.
Kindest regards Stevie. :eek::blink::thumbsup:

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Welcome to the forum.
There is picture help in the site suggestion section of this forum that can help you.
Site Suggestion

Haven't been able to find that.

Thanks for all your help

:yes:Thanks to you all for all your help, here's my first project for public display.
Mirror Brass Metal Makeup mirror Antique

Please feel free to make any constructive comments about this project.:thumbsup:
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1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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