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I am new to this forum. I have a little wood working experience but I am no fine wood crafter yet. I have a pretty complete shop but no real fancy wood working stuff. I have done more metal work than wood work. I have some pretty nice metal working stuff.

I started a small marine products business as a side line a couple years ago so I stay pretty busy in my home shop when I am not at work at the power Co in power control.

I got strted in wood working as a boy in wood shop and working with my father he was a building contractor. I bought most of my current wood working stuff about 14 years ago when my wife had a booth at a craft mall. I bought some cheap Delta & Ryobi stuff to build bird houses and cut out wood dolls for her to paint and so on.

I am now starting to make some stuff out of UHMW & HDPE plastics and I use wood working tools to shape this stuff. I am now finding my way back into wood work so to speak even if the stuff I have been working with is plastic.
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