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Hi all,

My name is Barry and I own a deck restoration company in Indiana. I found this board through contractortalk.

The deck restoration season is coming to an end up north and I'm looking forward to frequenting this board as I will be having a lot of free time this winter. I love woodworking and do it part time as a hobby and part time as a way to make money in the winter. Last winter I built 3 huge bunk beds for a customer's hunting cabin, it took me most of the winter as I took my time. It was very peaceful and relaxing, I don't even consider it to be work, especially after feeling that enormous sense of satisfaction after I completed the project. I also built a 10 person oval poker table for him too (I should post pics). I recently bought a new Bosch router and can't wait to start using it. Sorry for rambling, I'm looking forward to some great info, thanks.
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