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I'm new to the site and thought I'd introduce myself. I'm 34 and have been working with wood form most of my life, although in the hobbyist mode with small projects and a few larger pieces I built with my dad when I was younger. I'm an officer in the Navy and my wife and I bought our first house 3 years ago. That gave me the first opportunity to have a garage I could work in and a house that I could work on. My biggest wood working project there was a set of built in bookshelves. Of course, the Navy life forced us to sell and relocate to a new house just last month. What I see as a clean slate to continue my interest.

I'm ready to go into full upgrading mode and tackle all the molding in the house as well as some built in features like bookcases and fireplace surrounds. My garage is empty except the normal hand tools and small power tools (circular, jigsaw, router, sander) so I'm looking for some bigger tools such as a table saw etc. I've already been lurking in the "tools" forum to find some good ideas.

Well, I've talked too much already, as usual. I'm glad to be here and hope to post with all of you soon.

Jacksonville, FL
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