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New joint experiment

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I am not totally satisfied with the result (error on my part), but I tried something new today. I am going to start using this doweled miter now that I have the bugs worked out.

I was going to make a rounded lidded box, but since I was not perfectly happy with the results I quit here and will try again when I have time. I started with 4/4 stock to give me some meat to shape and made a small box with mitered corners. I made a jig to hold the 4 side pieces on the drill press with the table on a 45 (you have to drill the dowel holes from the inside face, at least that is the only way I could figure to do it.)

That is where I goofed this one up...just because the numbers on the base say 45, don't be in a hurry and not check:wallbash:. It will open your miters.

Glue up as normal while driving the dowels in. I had planned from the beginning to sand the corners down and expose the dowels. I like the looks of a splined joint, but was going for a more rounded form and thought the dowels would fit better.

I will keep experimenting and make something pretty some day. This is good enough to keep loose screws or something in around the shop :huh:


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That is pretty cool looking. I might have to try that out on a small box sometime
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