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New guy here

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I'm just a DIY'er... Woodworking & modelbuilding are my 2 hobbies...... Kinda run hand in hand..LOL
I'm from Western Ny

Have a Nice Exotic Lumber store in town....... So I'm always looking for small projects to have some fun with.

I'm started to get interested in wood turning (i have a Sherline 17" bed Lathe that I made (rather than Buy) the Wood tool rest for...........
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Welcome Matt! Sorry we missed you - you must've snuck in late one night. :icon_wink:
What kind of model nbuilding do you enjoy the most? For me it was WWII aircraft and capital warships. The Yamato was probably my favorite. What an awesome ship she (and her sister Musashi) was.
Don't get much time for that anymore but I sometimes I just want to stop all the presses and just build one agin. . . . . maybe one day. :shifty:
Welcome.....I guess you make models?
Welcome to the site.
Welcome Matt

That exotic wood store wouldn't be West Penn Hardwoods would it :confused1: :confused1:
HMMM how'd we guess??? it is West Penn!!

I tend to do buldings / Bases and the other stuff out of wood.

I tend to gear toward the 1/35 scale Armor the most.... building other stuff for a change of pace
I've bought a lot of wood from Rocky at Penn.

they've got some nice stuff. :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
Some of it's even more amazing in person!!!! It's scary... One of My friends Dad used to own the building..... it's alrady had 2 additions put up. Hell I go in just to look through the "scrap bin" it's all the exotic Cutoffs and odd breaks...... found a couple nice pcs of Burl in there one time.

I was in there Last Week.... he has a whole selection of tabletops we're talkin 10/4 to 12/4 thick... and 30" wide plus to about 10' long. I couldn't even begin to figure out all the Species in that pile..... it was like 12-15 feet tall.........

I'll have to get some Pics of the Jewelry box I made my Fiancee.....Everything was bought from Rocky....
West Penn has a great web site, I would love to check it out in person. I saw another page - Talarico Hardwoods, amazing looking stuff, huge english bastone crotch slabs etc. punch it into a search engine and it comes up. He's got a great section called "wood porn". Sounds like a colorful guy.
Did ya see that BIG Dolmer saw that they have at Talarico????

That my friends is one nice slabber....:thumbup1: :thumbup1: :thumbup1: :thumbup1:
Yeah, that's a beauty isn't it?. Can you imagine the prices he has on some of those slabs. I bet it must be VERY impressive but he deserves it, where could you ever find stuff like that. I sent Sam an e-mail, he wrote back and seems like a real nice guy. He goes all over the world looking and buying huge old stuff to bring back. He (like so many others I've seen) started from nothing and just kept getting bigger because he had such unique stuff. I'm still in the humble beginnings stage but it's good to see that it could work--
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