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Hi my names Jordan From Maine. Changed careers from Landscaping to Carpentry This year. Still Cutting Trees and working in the brush on weekends and days off.
Dabled in Chainsaw Milling Last Winter, using a Stihl 066 on a 24" Granberg Mill.
Mostly Cut Pine in 3",and 1" thickness, with suprisingly good results for no prior knowledge.
Cut a Small Maple Log in 2" Slabs that made beautiful shelves in the garage., too bad their covered up by the saws.

Did Finish Carpentry this past winter and loved it.
Have been learning some Framing, Decking, General Repairs, Siding, etc. working this summer.

Reason I joined was to share some new wood being imported into the U.S. named Makossa(African Mahogany). I was fortunate enough to work for the importer to build a deck out of the new wood.
This stuff is Beautiful stuff. Is Bug Resistant, Very Dense, Tight Grained.

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