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Hello everyone, I'm pretty new to woodworking. My gf had me build a table that she found on pinterest or some website last summer, first time ever building something. Enjoyed doing it so I figured I'd buy some tools so i can piddle around when i didn't have anything to do. Guy i work with took down a barn a few years ago that was around 150 years old and gave me a ton of wood to work with because it was taking up space in a barn. Made some stuff, not the best looking but still learning and came here for advice and tips. Figured I'd post some pics of my first little projects. My "shop" is my garage which isn't the biggest or best and at the moment havent been working on anything because of how cold it is, once warmer weather comes I'll probably start some new little projects.

This is my first table which isn't the best but dont think it's awful for my first time trying, also made the mirror frame from the barn wood and put that in there.

Here's a couple birdhouses i made for my mother and grandmother for Christmas

Last was a little table i made to put my directv box and ps3 in the living room
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