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New delta 36-725 13 amp contractor table saw

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Anyone look over the new delta saw? They sell it at lowes. Looks pretty interesting.
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The one I saw set up at Lowes had a full kerf blade installed that had Delta printed on the blade (as in it came with the saw). The knife did look to be slightly thinner than the blade as it should be, but not thin enough for a true thin kerf blade. My thin kerfs are all .06 (1.5mm) except of my newest blade which is under .06 and closer to .03 (0.8mm).
The riving knife with part # 78-965 is for the Thin Kerf Biesemeyer Unisaw Riving Knife as shown here. http://www.tools-plus.com/delta-78-965.html?utm_medium=feed&utm_source=froogle&utm_term=DEA78-965&gclid=CLmy9K_s4L0CFbFaMgodZw4Acg
It is listed as being 2.2mm in thickness. According to the 36-725 manual, the one that comes with the saw is 2.2mm. Is it possible the one that came on the saw is for thin kerf blades?
2.2mm = 0.0866", so the vast majority of 3/32" (0.09375") thin kerf 10" blades should fit....they tend to range from ~ 0.09 to 0.104". As long as the blade is at least as wide as the riving knife, they should work. It's the ultra TK's and smaller diameter blades that tend to be much narrow than the riving knives, which causes an obvious issue.
except of my newest blade which is under .06 and closer to .03
Which blade is that? Even the Infinity Laser Kerf is .063, which I thought was if not the thinnest table saw blade, one of the very thinnest available. I guess I was wrong?
Which blade is that? Even the Infinity Laser Kerf is .063, which I thought was if not the thinnest table saw blade, one of the very thinnest available. I guess I was wrong?

No you were not wrong. They advertize it as being .063, but the one I bought at the Wood Show here in Tampa (which is the home office of Infinity) is closer to .03 than it is to .063. It makes a HUGE difference on my under powdered flex drive Craftsman TS. Not to even mention the extremely low noise level of the saw compared to even the Freud blades that I have on the saw most of the time and cuts so cleanly that I never get saw marks from it.
Well, there's the teeth, the body, and the kerf. Are you saying that the measured kerf in the wood is closer to .03 than .063? Or is the body .03-ish while the kerf is .063?
FWIW, my Infinity Laser Kerf has a tooth width of somewhere between 0.06" and 0.07" (it's to get a good accurate measurement, but it's definitely more than 0.03".)
Youse guys are gonna make me go cut a kerf now. :laughing:
Unpacking my new toy now. This should help clear up the riving knife questions on this saw.

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Pulled the trigger yesterday and bought the Delta 36-725, with my military discount, out the door $548.00 (including sales tax). That was lower than the advertised price of $569.00 (sales tax NOT included). Took about 3 hours to put together and check all the alignments. Every thing was as it should be right out of the box. The split rail is not a problem and lined up perfectly without an bump moving the fence across it. The split is lined up pretty close to the saw blade and shouldn't be a problem. The fence tape measure is right on when measuring with a tape to the blade. The fence alignment went smoothly and was fairly straight forward and easy. I haven't done the 90° & 45° positive bevel stops yet, but that's not critical as I normally check this with a square or triangle anyway. The only non-positive I found is the throat plate is not held down by anything except part that slides between the table and the throat plate. It has 5 leveling screws. I plan on making some ZC inserts anyway. one of the changes I made was to put the third wheel lift on the left side instead of the right. It does make it a lot easier to get to. It was late and I was hungry when I finished so I haven't tried a cut on it yet. I plan to make some measured cuts today. So far it does look to be a good saw, at least for what I need and beats the hell out of my old Craftsman 315 model. I'm sure I've left something out, so I'll try to make a list for the next post.
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Cool, show us some pics so we can admire it. Do some work with the stock blade and then go get a couple of good blades for it and marvel at the improvement.
Congrats on your purchase. I also just picked mine up last night. I tried to use a HF 20% off coupon, but was turned down, as I pretty much expected to be. Can't hurt to ask I guess. I brought along a buddy who has a contractor account at Lowe's and was able to get his discount of 5% with that.

I got everything unpacked and the saw on the base last night. Also attached the side tables. Tonight I'll get the rails and fence installed and get everything aligned. I'm VERY impressed so far with the quality and heft of everything that was in the box. This saw is replacing a Craftsman I got from my dad when he had to give it up. That's a 137 series model and it looks like a dangerous little toy next to this sturdy machine. I'll have to take some comparison pics.

Only negative so far for me was a small loose flat head screw that tumbled out when the saw was turned upright out of the box and packing foam. I spent probably half an hour trying to find a hole it may have come out of and found nothing. That's a bit unsettling to me. I can only hope it was either inadvertently dropped into the box or is not a critical piece. I think I'll stand back when I turn on the saw for the first time...

It's gonna be a long day at work, waiting to get back home to get the assembly finished and make that first cut.
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Couple pics I took while unpacking if anyone is interested in trunnion mount setup...

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Cool, show us some pics so we can admire it. Do some work with the stock blade and then go get a couple of good blades for it and marvel at the improvement.
RBK, I've already got two new Dewalt blades standing by.
Enjoy your new saw TheLt. I'm enjoying mine. I'll be starting on a large kitchen cabinet build Friday. 13 cabinets and a work island, which should give my Delta a workout. I'll post a review on it after I get some time on it. So far I think it was a good choice for me. I think you'll like yours too.
Got her all set and aligned as best I know how last night. This was my first saw assembly. Over two nights it took a little over 5 hours. That's about an hour longer than it would have taken, but I had an issue with what I can only assume was a poorly cut front rail. This was one of the two steel L braces to which the fence tube attaches. I stared at this thing for the longest time, knowing I had it right, but there is a small bracket that joins the two pieces and it just didn't line up. I ended up grinding off about 2 millimeters on the end of the shorter rail and everything then fit perfectly. I also spent probably way too long getting the side tables perfectly aligned, but I know I won't regret taking the time.

I've seen worse instructions, but this book definitely has room for improvement. Things could have been more clear, especially with information about which screws to use where, but counting them up and a little trial and error made those decisions pretty obvious.

I did the assembly alone with the exception of getting the wife to help heave the thing upright out of the packaging after attaching the base. Alignment of the rails would have certainly gone faster with a buddy.

I checked the alignment of the blade to the miter slots and, as far as I can tell, it looks good. What are you guys using to get more accurate measurements? Digital calipers? Best I can do is eyeball it on a good metal rule marked in 32nds. Using that at the front and rear of the blade, it looks to be perfect to my eye.

Turned it on and it purrs. Love it so far. Hope to get to some cutting tonight. I have plenty of projects queued up.

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What blade did you put on Dean?
Stock Delta that came with it for now, but I plan to change that out. I have a Diablo 50T combo blade from the old saw, but that's listed as .098 and the riving knife calls for minimum 0.10 kerf. Still want to know more about a thin kerf riving knife if it's available, but haven't had the time to find out for sure.
If you're riving knife is 0.087", a blade with a kerf of 0.098" should work great....that's nearly 13% wiggle room at a minimum. There's some runout on the saw and blade that each contribute to the clearance. Delta's recommendation of 0.10" kerf pretty conservative, and is likely based either on corporate paranoia or poor information IMHO...the majority of thin kerf blades are under their recommendation, leaving you with few options in TK blades, or full kerf which pose a new batch of concerns. Off the top of my head, IIRC, the Infinity 010-060 60T Hi-ATB is 0.104", and the WWII TK is 0.100". Out of curiosity, what's the kerf of the stock blade?
Yeah I should have probably read the text again on the riving knife in my own posted pic above. You're right, the Diablo blade should be fine with the 0.087" knife.

Not sure of the kerf on the stock blade. I'll have to check it tonight at home. If it's not printed on the blade or easily looked up by model number, I guess I won't really know without precision measuring tools. Any suggestions in that field? I would like to more accurately measure distances from the blade to miter slots too.
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