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Really underground garage
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Very cool!

I keep resisting the urge to get one....instead,using the "nose" on one of several edge sanders here.

If theres anyway you could give your new sander a real workout and report back.....general things like;how long the sleeves are providing acceptable service.Is the motor getting hot on extended sanding,is the spindle to table squarenss maintaining,etc.It might be of help to some....I know I'd like to hear a full-blown report,good or bad.

Grizz has a bad habit of using really cheap caps on some of their single phase motors.Have blown "right many"....but,their sander motors have all been good.Just watch the heat on your motor.

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I used it last night for the first time.
Has plenty of power and runs really smooth.
Not very happy with the inserts too big of gap.
Looks like i will have to make my own.
Has anyone else done this?
What to make them out of?
Right now i am going to try mdf.
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