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Hello all,

My name is Matt and I am currently located in Ledyard, WA and have been in the United States Navy for 17 years. I have been doing small projects around the house for 10 years or so (3 different houses), and just bought my house in CT three months ago. I am at my last shore duty in the Navy and needed a hobby for when I retire. A fellow NC native introduced me to TRUE woodworking a couple of months ago and have been addicted since. He took a look at my shop and urged me not to buy anything from the big box stores and to buy quality tools. I already had the cordless set, miter saw, portable belt sander, and small air compressor.

Over the last two months I have been all over Craig's List finding great deals and (with help from my friend), the right machines.

So far I picked up a 8"Delta 37-315 Jointer at a garage sale, 13" Grizzly 1037 Planer on CL, Grizzly 3 HP Dust Collector in RI, and a 2 1/2 HP Jet Table Saw from a great older man whose brain I picked for hours!! Just replaced the blades in all of them and am anxious to get started.

The wife has now told me to slow down and has set an allowance for each month. That led to making me look for those even better deals. I was able to find about 800 BF of green oak and ash for 100$ and split it with a friend. My have it stickered and is drying in the basement. My next find was about 300 BF "dunnage" from the state pier for 60$. It was in OK shape, but after cutting out bows and skip planing, found out it was 80% red oak mixed with beech maybe? Some qs pieces as well with nice flecks!! I cut down 7 or 8 thirty foot cedar when I first bought the house and was just recommended by friends to have a woodmizer come and make boards out of it.

Just been using a bunch of scraps to make lumber racks, shelves, bat and bird houses so far.

I have learned so much over the past few months, and am excited for each weekend and early day to head into the shop and start new projects. My little girl loves helping cleaning the shop and smelling all of the different wood. My wife is also starting to get impatient on all the things she wants me to make, but am pretty intimidated by most of them. Of course she picked out kitchen cabinets she wants and a movable kitchen island!! I have my buddies that are here in CT that are gonna help with them over the cold months!!

I look forward to the thousands of years of experience of all the individuals in this forum!! I am sure gonna need it!!

I thank-you ahead of time and will post pics soon!!!

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