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I am helping my elderly parents liquidate my deceased brother's wood shop. I'm pretty good at merchandising but am out of my depth in pricing these power and hand tools. Part of the problem is I don't know what some things are, or which accessories go with which tool. Is any member in the area willing to take me under his wing?

Among the larger pieces:
* Craftsman 10" contractors table saw w/1.5 hp induction motor
* Delta 14" bandsaw w/guide bar, miter gauge and blades
* Delta 8" bench grinder
* Craftsman 8" drill press and stand
* Makita 4" disc grinder
* Delta portable planer on stand

Also power hand tools, including drills, sanders, router, industrial nailer, drywall screwdriver, planers and saws. Smaller tools, vices, ladders and more. Most owners manuals are available for the power tools, as are many original sales receipts.

Many of the power tools are around 20 years old, and some of the hand tools are vintage. While well maintained during my brother's life, the shop has not been used for six years.

Any guidance on how to proceed is much appreciated.

p.s. As a newly married woman I built my own corner TV cabinet with doors, drawer and two-piece hinged top, if that gets me any cred!
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