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Need some knowledge

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Refinishing a wood laminate dresser. The stain used looks like dark walnut but upon further inspection I found the wood under the stain seemed to be dyed red. I am wanting to reproduce the dresser to its original color. Not sure if a red aniline dye used under a dark walnut stain will accomplish this. Any info is appreciated.
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I've found with some of the older pieces I've redone, they used a red dye then finished with a tinted darker lacquer or varnish top coat.
Can you post a picture. There are a number of different ways the piece could have been finished. It doesn't necessarily have to be done exactly the same way to achieve the same result. It is though a common practice in furniture manufacturing to use an aniline dye to stain the furniture the majority of the color and then go over it with an oil based stain to give the finish some warmth.
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