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I need to put a nice looking black paint/finish on a piece of sandeply. First the black paint, then stenciled in another color. So I need a top coat of something.

I"m not going to get much money for these signs and need to produce them quickly and economically. They don't have to look perfect but do need to look decent.

I tried oil based kilz and cannot get the paint to stop clumping. So I need to use latex.

So far what actually turned out best was one coat of satin latex, then I sanded, then another coat of satin latex. Problem was, I couldn't get all the little "beads" out as a result of my sanding with the tack cloth...so

Are you even supposed to sand latex paint in between coats?

I also tried kilz W/B and latex, but really didn't see that much difference.

Would be nice to keep it to as few steps as possible.

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