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I have a Grizzly 6" X 48" belt / 9" disc sander, model no. "SD - 69, S/N 1775 on which the switch has gone bad only recently. I've scoured the Net and am not able to find it. It is Model no. SQ - 59 (???) and has (had) a simple "toggle" switch beneath the belt (very dangerous) and it went out only days ago. On the same day, the "Start/Stop" switch went out on my Central Machinery 6" Jointer! - Model "SKU 30289" 1/2 hp. 115v, SN 03010100761.
Both switches seem to be irreparable and I am unable to locate either machine on the Net no matter what I do!!!!
Any suggestions out there? I've thought to go to Grainger and substitute 115 v thermal switches but they don't seem to be available.
I would thoroughly appreciate good suggestions.
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