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Need help with building a workbench top with glued 4x4s

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I'm building a bench top made with Douglas Fir S4S 4x4s and want to make sure my plans/techniques checks out before I start. The dimensions are 28" x 58". I'm planning to simply glue them together with Gorilla Glue, then clamp together overnight to dry. Is this all there is to it to make a strong bond and quality top or should I be thinking about doing it another way?

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Going to use Gorilla wood glue. Do you recommend anything better?
Spit is better than that stuff.

Gorilla glue was developed as a tropical ( super humid) environment glue for oily hardwoods for the sweat shop patio furniture assembly industry.

It was a failure.

But it was an expensive failure that cause d people to put on their thinking caps to see if they could still make it pay. Soooooo the people whom I despise most in the world (marketing) decided to re-brand the failure and market it to unsuspecting people promising all manner of things about it's strength and wonderfulness. All false promises.

It is not strong, it is not sturdy, it does not gap fill, it does not adhere well at all.
BEHOLD the power of marketing.

You want a superb glue? Titebond. Any of them is worlds and worlds better than that gorilla garbage.

Did you know that Sam Maloof only used plain old white glue on his rocking chair rails?

Oh by the way: Nice progress on the bench~!!
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