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Need help with building a workbench top with glued 4x4s

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I'm building a bench top made with Douglas Fir S4S 4x4s and want to make sure my plans/techniques checks out before I start. The dimensions are 28" x 58". I'm planning to simply glue them together with Gorilla Glue, then clamp together overnight to dry. Is this all there is to it to make a strong bond and quality top or should I be thinking about doing it another way?

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There are some excellent resources out there to use. Almost all of the woodworking mag's websites have plans available.

I can personally recommend "The Workbench Design Book" by Christopher Schwarz and the Popular Woodworking Staff as a book that actually discusses why some folks do it one way and some another and the plusses and minuses of each design. In the end, I built Bob Lang's design, and it has worked out great for me.


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kpo101 said:
The last work bench I built was about 2 years ago and the top was made with a 18"x16'x 3-1/8" laminated beam with out the crown (which I ordered at the local lumber yard for about $155.00) These work great for work bench tops cause there is only one glue line in the middle. The top I built finished about 35"w x 94"L and cut my square dog holes with a 3/4" mortise bit. My dogs were then made out of 5/4" Ipe for strength.
Sounds great. Can we see pictures?
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